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When the skin fits a woman ...

The world is being filled more and more with women who are getting very comfortable in their own skin, who are real and have no problems owning their power - tiaras, warts and all. The bulk of the world is still confused on what to do with it. Men are clueless and to be honest many of the women are too. The bulk of them who are scrambling to maintain the old rules or trying to come to terms with the changing order are still trying to figure out what hit them, and at what point things slipped out of their hands. The old rules hold no good. There are no reference points for such a scenario in the history of mankind at such an unprecedented scale.

There has always the comfortable stereotypes and societal rules that one played by whether at home or outside for centuries. And, everyone played by the rules. Religion ensured that. Society ensured that. There were a few oddball women who strayed outside the lines quickly stifled, punished or quietly admired and easily ignored or unacknowledged. Some rare societies were studied for their strange empowered sense of women power across History and they died out. The motherhood card was played, the rape card was played, the abandonment card was played, the power card was played, inheritance, ownership, menstruation, womb, even the size of the brain was played, biological differences were played... over the centuries every card under the sun were invented and played and overplayed to keep the women in check and in their place.

And, now the rules are changing. The women are not only leaving the boundaries of their homes - they are going to space, putting people into space, winning races, climbing mountains, riding bikes, ruling countries, entering temples, burning burkas, going bald, shedding clothes, getting fat, discarding makeup, wearing pants, running organizations, adopting children, marrying other women, freezing their eggs, raising children, doing math, making music, becoming philosophers, buying property, swimming in the deep seas, raising crops, keeping home, exercising choices, making babies,, inventing new things, earning degrees, traveling the world... being all the women they were always meant to be. Not the mad women or wild women as the world used to earlier paint them. Not the odd balls. Just the most normal way human beings were meant to be ; comfortable in one's skin and trying to reach and live truthfully to one's own potential without artificial boundaries.

And, there are men who love these normal women, the way they should have always been loved. Comfortably, honestly, easily and beautifully as a mirror to their own adventurous, real selves, delighted to get the companions they always truly longed for.

And, that is the brave new world... many centuries late in its coming that we are living in and moving into. Exciting much ?

- SS

( Image Courtesy - Pexels)

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Posted on June 10, 2022, 12:45 p.m.

Wonderful piece of writing this is maam..
thank you

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