Tuesdays with the Bard at Urban Solace features Srividya Srinivasan

Over the last 200 Weeks “Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace” poets have wrung tears of joy, nods of recognition, fleeting smiles, happy applause, wistful memories ... and several unforgettable poems. Every Tuesday at 8 pm Urban Solace opens itself to the limitless world of possibility that envelope Urban Solace. “Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace” features poets reading their own creations live at the café, in a wonderful new experience of creative self expression. Tuesday 23-2-2016

Fables on her finger tips

The young and beautiful Srividya Srinivasan, a Bengaluru-based entrepreneur has always been a storyteller. Some of the most memorable snapshots from her childhood involve her regaling her friends with tales that she’d make up, often on the spot. Currently gearing up to launch her debut novel, A Thick Fat Finger and Other Stories at Atta Galatta this Saturday, the pretty lady shares that spinning intriguing narratives comes so easily to her that she’s already got 15 more story ideas lined up for

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