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Kill Me With Love | Atta Galatta BookSmart

Kill Me With Love by Srividya Srinivasan Publisher: Juggernaut Books I read Kill Me with Love in one sitting, even as my long to-do list lay pending. I just could not put it down. On the face of it, the book is a whodunnit about a couple, Anika, and Anil, who has been poisoned. To make things worse, Anika doesn’t recognise her own husband. All she remembers is trying to elope with her lover, Ajay. When she wakes up, she is in hospital, and far from being mad at her, her parents are anxious

5 ½ Tits (A Short Story)

What strange impulse had made this young woman take that leap from conformity? She looked out of place here. The baby was waking up. Crying. And, she was nursing it now. A supposedly beautiful scene. Rita averted her eyes. It still hurt, losing a breast. The other girl was whistling a tune. Dia. Tattooed, toe-ringed, with piercings all over. Bone thin, with very little fat on her. Her torso was flat, almost resembling a boy’s chest.


Her hands were trembling as hot tears pricked her eyes. The last roti was smoking, burning her eyes now, adding to the tears. It was all finally done. She covered the food precisely so that the heat would stay and lay down beside the man on the floor, clenching her jaw, her lips bloodied. The pain was intense. She had taken the mixture about an hour ago. It would kill the last baby she could ever have. She knew deep within that it would be a girl. She wanted to decide its fate. It felt only right that she did.

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