These are the insights, articles and learnings of Srividya Srinivasan in the course of her 26 year journey as a woman entrepreneur in advertising, branding and communication and as a keen analyst of emerging trends.

Ms. Srividya Srinivasan - Winner of Indian Achievers' Award 2022

A self-taught entrepreneur of over 26 years, Srividya Srinivasan brings a unique fusion of creativity and process, method into the madness, spontaneity into rigid structures and believes in-depth study of businesses and brands in a dynamic and alive context with respect to market and opportunities. She thrives on insights, direct inference, conversations, idea-storming and advocates originality and authenticity to identity creation. She believes in challenging herself and others by continuously

Women in media - owning my work journey of two decades as a woman entrepreneur

Was watching a documentary yesterday on how being in the media business in Hollywood messes up the family lives of men who rarely get to even have a meal with their families. It had a few women too, but was largely a male narrative. It also talked about the lack of sleep or rest they miss on. The family lives they tend to miss. The scenario fits for people in advertising, media, films and related industries across the world. It is a 24x7 demand on your time, effort and all your faculties. For a

The Soul in a business.

A few years ago, we had an intern working with us. His period of work with us was over, and his dues were settled. He came from a family that was just finding its feet. His father passed away suddenly about a couple of weeks after he left our services. We came to know that they were in a financial challenge to perform the last rites. So, we sent some small amount across, whatever we could manage and reached out to him. We reached out because that's what anyone with a heart would do. Our first o

Giving women their rightful due.

Every girl with a mind of her own is a threat to the first system she encounters - Her childhood home where she is a liability than an asset, a constant thorn in the flesh. Every girl with a mind of her own is a challenge and fascination to be pursued or sparred with for boys and men who pride on their openness and intelligence who 'aspire' to meet her as equals. Every marriage or relationship on such attractions hits ground reality as the same girl one admired for her wit, her courage, her inde

The Brave New World

The world is being filled more and more with women who are getting very comfortable in their own skin, who are real and have no problems owning their power - tiaras, warts and all. The bulk of the world is still confused on what to do with it. Men are clueless and to be honest, many of the women are too. The bulk of them who are scrambling to maintain the old rules or trying to come to terms with the changing order are still trying to figure out what hit them, and at what point things slipped ou

When Success feels like Failure

Very few people know how to enjoy their journey, or how to gift themselves the ability to actually experience life through its many layers of awareness and abundance. Success is nothing but the ability to extract the rewards of the journey as we go along and the ability to extract a personal value and meaning to events, our efforts, coincidences, recognition, time, people and experiences. Without this sense of personal value, all titles, wealth, milestones feel hollow. The world sees the breaki

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