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Browse through the innumerable articles, notes, short reads. Grab a coffee, find your favourite spot. Get comfortable. Find your resonance. Disagree vehemently. Get caught up in the love of words. Regain your passion. Laugh. Find your courage. Be happy. Stay. Make yourself at home. Now, you are part of the tribe.

Do you believe in Magic?

It hides in the toothless smile of a baby, in the rush of fresh love, in the silent still night when a bird sings, in twinkling stars, in the soft feel of the grass, in the early light of a rosy hued sun waking up. It even hides in the arguments of old couples, in the cacophony of young lovers fighting, in the quick kiss of a couple rushing to work, in a smile amidst a busy day, in memories, beside the sleeping dead, in a steaming coffee cup, in the twirl of a skirt, in the bloom of a flower, in the scraping of chairs, in million moments through the day... and waits.
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