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The basic rule of authenticity is that it may rarely buy you likeability. There will be times you may not even like it yourself, struggle to stay. You will challenge others by your refusal to be anything else.

To stay authentic is to be stubborn to the truth as it speaks to you at a point of time, to do right even when it is hard or inconvenient. It is to sit with yourself at many points in your life, continuously questioning your own intentions, courage, identity and be brave enough to stand by the answers that you find. Being authentic means to acknowledge that we are not perfect, we are vulnerable, and that we are responding to life rather than go by fixed rules.

Authenticity is true compassion, for it accepts the complete truth of a moment as is without apology.Authenticity claims a huge price, and is rarely rewarding. There are no fixed formats, role models. It is a inner alignment, continuously adjusting itself. We can sense it easily when we are it, see it, love or hate it because it reminds us that we are either home or lost.

Breathing is not a sign of aliveness. Authenticity is. And, authenticity is always raw, coming alive to the moment and truth. It cannot be marketed, sold, bought, taught.

It just is.

In whatever form it chooses to present itself.

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Logesh Kanakaraj

Posted on Oct. 31, 2020, 6:14 a.m.

An authentic writeup...thanks

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