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Showing up

I am showing up for myself. Aligning to what feels natural , beautiful, simple and fun.

I am vocalising what I am appreciating, honouring what has come my way after a long struggle, trusting my own inner shift to this anchored, healed, balanced self. It is honouring me, who I am, what it took to reach here, what I am right now and where I can go from here.

It is about awareness, mindfulness, gratitude, celebration and choice.

Because you feel a natural fit in these energies, I treat you like part of the magic. It is personal and yet it is not about you. You are merely a part of the magic. You are not the magic. So, there is no pressure on you to do anything really except to respond to this bringing your true, easy and natural self. To stay aligned and not feed it with doubts. There is nothing for you to do, to prove. I am part of your magic, and yet it is not about me. It is about you. You own your magic. There should be no pressure on me to continously remind you of your magic lest you forget. All I can do is be your mirror, and you, mine. 

And, what if I slip at times? What if you do ? If all around is the natural acceptance of the peaceful, the joyous and the growing, we will simply come back to rest in it in the sureness of it. Sometimes, you giving me your hand, sometimes I lending you mine. Sometimes, we will laugh at ourselves together.

All doubts are our past selves pretending their wisdom, a little jealous of this new secure us. All doubts are our future selves conspiring false doom stories with our past selves.

Our present selves just laughs. This is too delicious where we are at the moment. We never asked about you, we turn around and tell our past selves. We are grateful that you led us here. But, we will take it from here, thank you.

And, we turn around to our future selves and grin and say, you have no idea how far we are going to take you. Just you wait ...

And, just like that we rest in our present selves, knowing we are held. It is enough. More than enough. This moment that connects our souls from across impossible journeys to reach this point.

- SS

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