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Let me be your slow in a fast world - Book reading from Wooing Ms.CEO - YouTube

Good Morning! Have a great day! Join Amaya and Jay, as they share the beauty of the slow in a slowdown ... ----------- Let me be your slow in a fast world. The tea that diffuses ever so slowly into the water, The water drop that hangs on a rain kissed leaf, The mist on the window through a frosty morning, The final drop of coffee at the bottom of the cup, The heat from the last log in the fire. Let me be your last hope in a dark world. The note of a moonlight sonata hanging in the air. The last word of a beautiful poem before it ends. The air trapped inside a book that you love. The dimple in a sudden smile before it goes, The slow dancing of our shared laughter in the room. The tiny flicker in your eyes lighting up in joy. The eternity of a kiss with eyes closed. Let me be the fragrance in your clothes that refuses to leave, The softness in your clothes well loved. The heady lingering smell of old recipes revived. Let me be the eyes for you to see the slow, As the world whirls by in speedy madness, Let me be the breath you catch in a rush, Let me be your slow in a fast world. As you come home to yourself. Let me be? - Jay Amaya sat there by the window of the hotel for a long time, holding the scrap of paper with the scribbled lines in Jay’s neat, tiny handwriting. She finally stirred, and folding the paper, put it gently into her bag. She was running late for her meeting. The fast world beckoned, and she had miles to go at work for the night. She stole a quick glance at herself in the mirror, her face hardening as she did. Today’s meeting was important. She needed nerves of steel to win, not soft mush that clouded her head. She sat there in the meeting, nodding away, her voice cutting into arguments and negotiations, her back ramrod straight, her body tense like a coiled spring. Yet, the tiny scrap of paper inside her bag, burned a slow path of persuasion peeping its head within, reminding her of all things that had no place in a hard-nosed business deal. The food at her table was getting cold, and the wine had lost its chill. She did not care. She knew the price for what she was ignoring would be higher than the price she was winning, but some decisions have to be taken. She could not afford the slow. Not right now. He was slowing her down. He had to go. Jay was slow poison in her fast world. Right now, the deal mattered more than Jay's slow did. - Srividya Srinivasan [ Excerpt from Wooing Ms.CEO, my upcoming book] - #Wooingms.ceo #BookExcerpts

5 ½ Tits (A Short Story)

What strange impulse had made this young woman take that leap from conformity? She looked out of place here. The baby was waking up. Crying. And, she was nursing it now. A supposedly beautiful scene. Rita averted her eyes. It still hurt, losing a breast. The other girl was whistling a tune. Dia. Tattooed, toe-ringed, with piercings all over. Bone thin, with very little fat on her. Her torso was flat, almost resembling a boy’s chest.