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Published on 21st November 2018

When I die...

When I die,
Call all the ones i have loved
openly and in silence,
request them to summon a moment
of their time,
tell them it is time
to connect one last time,
Everyone in that room
would know each other
through a thin thread that
would be me.
May be the room would be full,
or may be empty,
it matters not.

Fill the air with my thoughts
and yours,
and the ones we shared,
sprinkle it with the laughter
we had,
And, the tears we shed.
Let the whispers of the secrets
we had,
the questions we raised,
And the love we gave
be the blooms you cover
my body with,
as my spirit soars.

And, we shall all dance
with joyous spirit
one last time,
as I leave a part of me
with you behind,
claiming a slice of you
with me as I go.

- Srividya Srinivasan 20 April 2015

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