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Published on 12th May 2015

The Lovers.

You said you would come,
And, there I am waiting eagerly for you.
I pretend to be sophisticated,
as if too busy to notice that you have come.
A few seconds go by.
I can pretend no more.

The little girl in me comes alive,
jumping and skipping to run into your arms,
and then I stop short seeing you,
a bashful, awkward adolescent,
and you stand there enjoying my confusion.
You smile. That full smile that I love,
as your eyes light up dancing along.

You hug me tight,
to fit my contours to yours.
You are kind enough to
ignore my little tremble,
but your silent laugh,
gives you away.

Let's go for a walk I cry,
Sure, you say.
Walk slow, I plead, at your long strides,
I stand in the middle of the road panting,
you wait for me holding out your hand.
We walk along slowly,
walking closer and closer.

Our hands touch.
My heart sings, as the woman in me comes alive.
I am all woman now, fully aware of what I do to my man.
I smile a sly half-smile, which you notice.
I catch your crooked naughty smile,
with the corner of my eye.
We speak not a word.
Just a walk they say,
What do they know ?

- Srividya Srinivasan [ 5/12/2015]

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