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The apology of excess love

Just because we have a lot of love to pour does not mean we need to flood others with it. A large part of developing self-love is coming to terms with the fact that you have excess of love and care and it is healthier to give it to yourself than force-feed it to others who probably get their supply elsewhere or can only handle a certain quantity of dosage. There are many in the world who are even suspicious of love and care and finds it violation of their boundaries or accepted comfort levels of receiving.

Even a simple suggestion or reminder or checking if someone has eaten on time, stayed hydrated or rested enough can at times seem like too much love expressed while checking through the day or staying connected nonstop may not be enough for some other. What do you do with surplus love ? Do you stifle it? Kill it? Feed it to yourself? Throw it in art? Grow plants? Raise animals? Where do you pour your love ? And, how do you replenish your cup when dry?

The disease of abundance of love and care in one's nature to give, and the real problem of not having enough places for it to go can be a painful one. An interesting one too, that has no answers. The answer probably lies in learning to love less. To shrink one's love in small portions that are bearable for others to handle and just throw all the wasted surplus love away as it has no takers. Unused excess love is toxic for it affects the body and mind just as much as deficit of love does.

Excess love not expressed is toxic. The only answer is shrinking the passion. The zest. The love. Feeding oneself first and then cutting the remaining into many small pieces so people can take what they want and whatever remains gets thrown away into the unmet bin of life.

To be a big giver of love and care, one needs big receivers of love and care. The world is not just stingy with its giving in general but also extremely poor at receiving big love. It has reached a point where expressing love or care feels weird. Wrong. Violation. Intrusive. Funny. No one talks about too much love and what to do with it. Where to put it. The world is starving while one is struggling with surplus.

- SS

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