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Published on 31st August 2018

Test of love

The only true test of love is the test of your patience when you have grown apart. When you feel you have journeyed ahead of the other and the other seems remote, almost like a stranger. When the pace of your individual journeys do not seem to match. When your impatience for the other to catch up and, your sense of pride in having journeyed faster becomes your downfall. When you want to slow down and journey at your pace, but the other is racing ahead. When, your sense of hope of even journeying together looks both remote and pointless.

That's when the actual test begins.

The exact point where your patience and faith in your love will be questioned. Fraying your combined spirit, a thread at a time. Cutting away at what you think you have built together. When shared memories go for a toss. When a dear one seems a stranger, when you are confused between journeying on or slowing down for the other to catch up so you can journey together. Is it about the journey, is it about the companion? Is it about the combined journey? Is it your own self you love or did you ever truly love the other? Was there ever a We? And, you will know whether you are strong in your love, whether you can weather the storm of self-doubt and have the courage to answer to the bravest question of them all - how much of you did you truly give to Love ?

- Srividya Srinivasan 16/09/2015

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