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Published on 28th February 2018

Secularism Vs Fascism

The concept of the left is have a door wide enough to allow everyone to walk in - the tall, the short, the fat, the thin, the ones who can sprint through and the ones who come in slowly with support. Everyone can pass through even dissenters.The focus for the left is the existence of the door and retaining its nature. It should exist and it should be inclusive and open. The door will be made wider and wider to ensure that everyone has a chance to pass through.This in essence, is secularism.

The concept of the right is to have a door that works for a majority who are believers and followers. It does not matter if there are others who cannot get through. It only recognizes those who can enter through the door based on an eligibility criteria. You have to believe. You have to follow. And, you should be of the correct specification to be able to go through the door. The focus for the right is the nature of the door, and what it will allow to pass through. If you are not agreeable to the rules then you are not eligible to pass through until you comply. There is no question of others, no space for dissenters, no space for variety. The door is a determinant, existing mainly to set a criteria to separate those who qualify ( the supportive majority) from those who don't who would then get slowly eliminated. The door will be made narrower and narrower to ensure that only those who agree stand a chance to pass through.This in essence, is Fascism.

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