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Happiness is liking who we are. Happiness is being surrounded by people who like who they are. Happiness is in who we become with the other. Happiness is knowing who they become with us. Happiness is being comfortable in each other knowing we celebrate the best in each other. Happiness is very simple. And, beautiful.

When we feel misaligned from ourselves, we feel unhappy because we feel lost to ourselves. We blame the other or expect them to help us realign. Which they can. But nothing will change unless you truly like yourself and love being you.

No one can help being themselves. But, most people do not like themselves. At all. Feel inadequate. Which is ironical. Only you get to decide who you are or can be as only you can be you. If you don't like yourself it is unfair to expect others to like you better.

It does begin with I. Me.

Get comfortable to use that to identify.

Not in pride or arrogance or even ego. But in complete awareness, gratitude and joy. In embracing your identity.

It begins with I. Me.

In honouring the gift of life. In being grateful for being you. The joy of being you. Celebrating the totality of you. Loving yourself in totality is beautiful. It is meditating to the universe as you.

Only a deeply irreligious person will fail to see this. If you cannot see yourself as the sacred divine you will fake by claiming everything else as sacred and not knowing what is the essence of sacred. If you do not carry the sacred as you, nothing in the world is truly sacred for you.

Be happy to be 100 percent you.

It is a lifelong journey of discovery and awe.

The universe will align. - SS

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