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Every Step Forward

Earlier across cultures, knowledge was held secret and sacred with a limited few, who held power through knowledge. Technology has changed that. Everyone holds a piece and potential to knowledge in their hands. Every click is progress in empowerment. Technology may not have all the answers, it may not even be the answer but it has leveled the playing ground to education.

Earlier across cultures, common people had (no or) little say, opinion platform or tools to comment, protest, choose and change leaders or decisions. Democracy and Republics changed that. People were and are continuously pushing for empowerment, transparency and accountability. Every step forward is progress.

Earlier across cultures, women were lesser citizens who did not qualify as valid citizens in their own right. Gender rights, Feminist movements paved the way for women to be treated on par at least notionally and legally. Every step forward is progress.

Earlier across many cultures some groups were at a disadvantage merely by being who they are especially with respect to religion. Secularism ensured that the state separates religion from its identity. It continues to be a battle. Every step is progress.

Earlier across many cultures, people with disabilities or disadvantage had no protection. The Human rights of people with disadvantage guarantees them inclusion and legal protection. Every step forward is progress.Earlier across many cultures, people with different sexual identity, needs or challenges were held at the fringe of society in ridicule. LGBT rights has ensured them inclusivity. Every step forward is progress.

Earlier across many cultures, children were considered lesser than even women in the hierarchy of importance. Child Right movements have ensured that awareness, legal avenues and basic rights for the child is slowly changing that. Every step forward is progress.

Earlier across many cultures, animals, birds and other living beings were treated mainly as property of man for food, labour or entertainment. Animal Rights has changed that, pushing the need for treating and looking at all creatures more humanely and legally. Every step forward is progress.

Do all these work perfectly yet? They don't.

The world is far from ideal.

But,the point is every single one of these attempts to include as many and empower as many as it can into a better and fairer world has moved us forward.

Does every country or culture support it? May be, not.

We cannot solve all the problems of the world at one go.

But, every step forward is progress.

All this has happened because people questioned status quo. People looked at increased empowerment and inclusivity. It has happened because people finally see themselves as part of a whole rather than as mere audience. Protests across the world are a direct result of people feeling the need to exercise to rights and to equal well-being.

We are in a good space, as long as everyone is aware of their basic rights to be, to live and thrive. Equally. We are in good times actually not in a time of mess. A powerful time of change. It is not going to be easy. But, we will pull through.

Numbers don't lie. And, the power lies in every hand.

We need to keep moving forward. One step. Onward.

There is no other way out.

We got this.

- SS

Photo by Cameron Casey from Pexels

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