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Published on 15th April 2019

Best of Srividya Srinivasan Quotes on Privilege and Inclusivity

  • Caste is privilege management at its worst. - SS
  • We act like caste is a political and reservation problem, instead of an ugly religious, social, economic disease that we have allowed to remain and become politicized. - SS
  • There can be no equality possible unless someone somewhere loses a privilege they always had to someone who has never known it until everyone has it. - SS
  • We cannot enjoy a privilege and claim that another is imagining his discrimination. - SS 
  • What is a small step for some, is a crossing of impossible leaps for another. - SS
  • It is ironical that the more one operates with no trace of privilege, the more human one gets until one day you truly and easily put yourself in anyone's shoes without necessarily having to take yours off. - SS
  • Most people understand earned privilege easily because they have worked towards it and feel they deserve it but refuse to acknowledge or even introspect unearned privilege that came to them by birth, gender or circumstances which they received by mere chance from a flawed society which gives one human being an edge over the other for no particular reason of merit. - SS