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A rich, rich cake called Life

Such a rich, rich cake my life has been till now. So many flavours, textures and fusion. You cannot pick out a single ingredient out without changing the heady melting pot it is. Anything ... from here on.... till the end of my life however long or short it might be is just the icing on the cake or a cherry ... a further outpouring of generous grace.

Contentment is finally about quiet and rich celebration of what is.

It takes you a long time to understand the various flavours often confusing too in its deceptive cacophony. You think you want to bake a particular flavour out of your life and keep trying to remove everything that feels would clash. The universe laughs and teaches you each time that just when you think you have got it right, the settings change. The ingredients change leaving you confused whether you know where you are and if you even know how to bake or know anything about any cake.

The cake finally has no name. Is a million things held together in one delicious harmony which feels beautiful. Each one enjoys a small part of it and finds something they like. You find people find whatever they look for. And finally ... you get the idea. How to understand the utter simplicity of it. Who you are and why you have been gifted the utter fusion that comes together in an odd way just fine.

And then the universe chuckles ... and you chuckle along ... seeing the layers of icing add up...

Contentment is profoundly sacred to come home to within.

- SS 

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