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Let's grow old together

Some day,
Let’s grow old together.
Until then,
Let’s pretend we are young.

Some day,
You will start laughing,
at all the jokes I made
many years ago,
when I would have long forgotten,
that I used to be a sharp woman once.
who had a way with words.

Some day,
you shall find the time to run your hands
through my grey tresses,
and ask me when they turned grey.
And, I shall say,
after yours did, my dear,
after I made sure yours did.
And, we shall chuckle together,
two grey-haired incorrigibles,
as you tease me about my many chins,
and, I trace the wrinkles on yours.

Some day,
when you bend down easily to adjust my dress,
when my knees would refuse to bend,
You shall remind me,
Of all the times we both bent to love.
You would chide me for the millionth time,
of not having taken better care of myself,
And, you shall walk ahead to prove your point,
and wait patiently for me to catch up.

Some day,
I shall make all the dishes you hate,
and that I love,
and lovingly watch you eat them,
and I shall test your love,
as you swear that you loved them all along,
with a grin on your face.

Some day,
We shall bridge this gap of words that we have,
of you knowing languages I don’t,
and I speaking languages you don’t.
And, we shall watch hideous movies
that we cannot bear,
and watch them together,
one after the other with sub-titles,
until we cannot take them anymore.

Some day,
we shall sit beside a tree,
reading a book,
or watch the falling rain,
hearing the music we both love,
and, we shall savour the shared silence,
just content in each other’s company.

Some day,
We shall just get into the car,
and go for a long drive into the sunset,
And when you threaten to kidnap me somewhere,
I would chuckle and say,
All my other admirers are now gone,
It’s about time you did.
And, we shall pretend to be a silly young couple,
running away into a grand adventure,
and book ourselves into a room,
and wear out-dated clothes,
and eat terrible, unsuitable food,
and talk and make friends with strangers,
and have a blast acting silly,
and totally unlike our age.

Some day,
We shall hold hands,
and stumble and mumble,
and grumble and tumble,
and we shall look at each other in delight,
and exclaim, we made it this far,
and now, the future looks very bright.

Some day,
Folks will look at that silly old couple that we are,
and it shall bring a smile to their faces,
For they will see what everyone can see,
And, they will know that we cannot
bear to be without each other.

Some day,
When I look in to your clear old eyes,
I will see the mad wonderful girl I used to be,
And, when you look into mine,
You would see the boy who fell in love,
And, we will know that
we have travelled a long way together,
treasuring each other in the other,
all along.

Some day,
Let’s grow old together.
Until then,
Let’s pretend we are young.

- Srividya Srinivasan 3/4/2017


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