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Published on 11th December 2019

Cry, my beloved country!

You know what is screwed up about Indian culture?

It is about socially appearing right. Not doing actually what is right or actually being right or standing by what is right. That is why we are a touchy, super-sensitive, defensive bunch of hypocrites who get offended for everything. We are a country that continuously fails our people and fails as a people. Appearances are our national mask.

There are a billion things to proud about this country or being its citizen. And, a billion reasons to be deeply ashamed. Yet, we do not have a handle on how to love the right things about ourselves and what to hate or condemn for a country to change. For each of us to change. For our societies to change.

From our families to communities to states to a country... our hypocrisy is a national disease.

Any criticism is taken as a criticism of the whole and to be outraged about, defended or trolled. Any praise is eagerly lapped up as validating our superiority. A criticism or a praise is a statement of 2000 years of existence.

It is incredibly sad and pathetic the amount of richness and depth of culture we actually own and the shallow, ugly hypocrites we actually are and becoming increasingly so.

We are an insecure nation and a fake one at that. It is the ugly truth. That is why we are offended so easily. That is why we continuously seek validation in the eyes of the world. It is not about the act of defending ourselves alone. How we defend being an Indian says a lot about us. And, what we defend too.

We cannot know what it is to be an Indian if we do not embrace our totality.

We cannot change our culture of insecure hypocrisy if we refuse to remove our masks. If we are worried more about appearing grand than staying real, we would forever be touchy and insecure.

It is time to grow up. We are nearly 72.

If we don't even now, our youth will pull the masks off and reject us in totality.

We are not a happy nation. We are not a real nation that is comfortable to wear its successes and to own up to its mistakes. We are not very classy. We are not fun. We are an old graceful civilization with a raw, unpolished, gauche modern persona. We have no handle on our past glory and no ease and fun in our modern identity. We mix both in bad doses, unclear on where to stand our ground and where to easily change.

As a country and people, we need to find our sacredness. Our dignity. Our poise. Raise the narrative. And. our laughter. We cannot hide. Not anymore.

Let us today create a coming out story for this country of ours. A new updated version on How to be an Indian. And, let us make it relevant for our times.

- SS [30/7/2109]